Thursday, November 19, 2009

Falling into Winter

The days are getting shorter, the wind is staying stronger and the few leaves we do have are all but disappeared! Life in rural area's can be calm and relaxing or not so much is the rule at our house

This morning the wind is whipping around quite happily, and the goats let me know it was time for their breakfast. So out I go, coat zipped to my neck, bundled up like a penguin to throw a few flakes of hay.
The goats are talking to me behind their coyote proof electric mesh fence, bouncing as they do when you talk to them (or maybe because they know why I am there!)
I toss in the first flake and it blows all over, pick up the second to toss and the wind whips around  the house and a gust catches me as I have my arms up and ready to throw.  I catches me off guard, blows me off my feet and I land on the ground, not hurt ------- but I took the fence with me.
So now I am on the ground laying on top of the mesh, electrified remember! Getting zapped in the arm, leg, hand and rolling around trying to figure how to get up off the fencing.
With 5 goats standing over me, they cock their heads and go back to chasing their breakfast.
I figured one more shock to the knees and hands won't do me in. I scrambled off pretty fast, I'm still here but dang that was memorable! And I'm sure this is why the coyotes stay away.

Hope your day will be memorable also, now off to tackle my wool organizing.